~~Thank you to Canyon Springs PTSA for hosting this page for the Deer Valley Gifted Community.~~


Welcome to Deer Valley Gifted Community ("DVGC")

It is our sincere hope that this group becomes a place where we can all find encouragement and support for the gifted students in our lives, whether we are parenting them, teaching them, or have another role in their lives.

We envision this online group being both an informational resource for you as well as a community to feel connected to and have relationships in, and that as a group this community then will be better able to offer tangible support for Deer Valley Unified School Districts’s gifted services.

This community is designed to be a place where you can:

  • find encouragement in the challenges of teaching and/or raising your kids
  • connect with others interested in supporting the schools and the gifted services they offer whether through organizing a fundraiser or volunteering to share knowledge, time or other resources connected to specific class topics or projects
  • learn about the latest trends and issues pertaining to gifted education
  • find information on district meetings and state gifted conferences as well as things like the best summer camps and online resources for gifted kids
  • invite others to meet up for a group tour of a museum, get group tickets for a play or symphony, or set up a private class with other kids interested in the same topic (ie. coding)

We hope you enjoy being a part of this and are active in building this community with us.

        Beth Baker, Almira Baker, and Michelle Lewis


DVGC’s sole MISSION is to facilitate support of Deer Valley Unified School District’s gifted and talented students.

The Community intends to meet its mission by facilitating and building an online community for the families and teachers connected to Deer Valley Unified School District ("DVUSD") gifted students in order to advocate for the growth, continued improvement, and development of gifted programs within the school district at all levels, from as early as preschool and kindergarten through high school.  

Additional Information

DVGC is an online community and informal network of parents, teachers and others who wish to support the various gifted programs within DVUSD. DVGC was started by a few committed parents of DVUSD gifted children who saw a need for organizing supporters of gifted students in order to create a stronger community with a single vision - that of supporting our gifted children.

The Community will be the place where gifted supporters connect to share resources, find support and network with others who have or work with gifted children, and look for ways to come alongside those who are already working hard to make DVUSD’s gifted programs better.  

Being a virtual community avoids the need for formal meetings yet enables the group to effectively connect and communicate in order to:

  • Share helpful information regarding all aspects related to giftedness;
  • Share advocacy needs at both the district and state levels as such needs pertain to the education of gifted students; and
  • Create easy access to fellow supporters of DVUSD gifted children in order to create smaller groups who wish, for example, to fundraise, organize enrichment opportunities, or to simply create tighter knit DVUSD gifted communities.

The Community will work with and support the school district in its goal of educating and providing programs for its gifted students.  At this time, there are no plans to grow into a group that has official meetings or officers nor does DVGC intend to charge membership dues in order to join.

The only requirements for joining our Community is a strong commitment to supporting DVUSD gifted and talented students, having a connection to DVUSD either as a parent, teacher, or family member, and agreeing to the Community’s rules and regulations.

In order to maintain the group’s focus of supporting DVUSD’s gifted students, we will have an advisory board made up of 3 parents whose children are in the DVUSD gifted program. The Board will be tasked with helping launch and promote awareness of the group and moderating the Facebook page so that it remains a positive and welcoming place to come together in accordance with the Community’s rules.

DVGC Online Posting House Rules

#1:  All opinions will be treated with mutual respect so long as it meets the rules provided herein. In the spirit of this group’s mission, please, keep in mind that whatever communication we have on this Facebook page is meant to support DVUSD’s gifted students.

#2: There will be no posting of inappropriate or offensive material such as : graphic/disturbing images, cursing, etc. Violators of this rule may be removed without warning depending on the nature of the offense. If you are not sure about the content that you want to post, email the group admin at dvgc2016@gmail.com.

#3: Do not advertise your business on this group, unless it is aligned with our mission statement.

#4: When posting or commenting, please remember to be helpful, positive and respectful.  Do not post to simply be critical. If a member consistently chooses to be disrespectful or negative, that member will be considered to be trolling. Trolls will be booted out of the group.

#5:  Comments that will not be tolerated are negative posts about specific teachers, individuals, students, schools, and classes. If a member has a problem with a specific individual, that member must follow the DVUSD guidelines for addressing such problem. Concerns that are personal in nature should be addressed off-line.        

#6: Inflammatory posts or comments will be removed.

#7: Please stick to the mission statement of this Facebook group. Irrelevant content does not belong here, it belongs on other pages.  

#8: Be mindful of what you post.  Respect the privacy of others! Social media is a permanent record.  Do not post anything that is of a private or individual nature that will cause embarrassment to any other member of this group or any of DVUSD employees.

#9: The Facebook group admin is entitled to reasonably deny or withdraw entry to any member they choose who do not comply with the house rules.

#10: Comments and posts that are political in nature must have a direct relationship to the educational needs of gifted and talented students in DVUSD.  When writing political posts please give the facts of the situation/bill/proposal and let people form their own opinions and choose to participate how they feel is best given the information. Otherwise, please do not post political-related posts on this Facebook page.

#11: Remember we are all on the same team and want the kids to succeed.  Please keep your posts helpful, positive and respectful.  When posting to resolve an issue or address an area that you feel needs improvement, write your post in a way that seeks to get support from other members and to come alongside those already working on the issue. See examples below for more help on this.   

Sample comments and posts that the moderators believe fit with the group’s mission statement and rules:

    • Acceptable: “I noticed the kids are needing some more higher lexile level books to read, is there anyone willing to help and think of ways we can raise money or get donations to help the schools provide more of them?”
    • Not Acceptable: “The program doesn’t really work there because there aren’t any high lexile books for the kids to read.  This sucks!!!” 
    • Acceptable: “My son in 5th grade is experiencing some difficulties in math and despite her best efforts, his teacher is having a hard time helping him. Can anyone suggest additional math-related resources that they have found helpful?”
    • Not Acceptable: “My son in 5th grade is experiencing some difficulties in math and his teacher has not been helpful.  She does not even seem interested in helping him. Has anyone had this same problem with Ms. _____?”
    • Acceptable: “I spoke with the principal and now I am trying to organize a fundraiser for Smith Elementary to raise funds for more kindle e-readers for a 7th grade class.  Does anyone want to help me with this effort?
    • Not Acceptable: “Smith Elementary does not have any kindle e-readers for a 7th grade class?!! That seems ridiculous. Can someone please talk to the principal to fix this?”

Get Connected

The main way to become a part of the DVGC is our facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/DeerValleyGifted/ This is our community and in order to join you must go online and request to join.  We want to keep this group private, only for those connected in some way to a DVUSD gifted student as a teacher, parent, or mentor.  Once you request to join, make sure to check your FB messages (specifically the filtered folder) for a note back from us asking which school you connect to and if you agree to the rules.  Once we have that from you, we will add you to the group.  Feel free to invite others you know who support DVUSD’s gifted kids!  The more the merrier.  If you have any trouble, please email us for help.  

Email us at:  dvgc2016@gmail.com